How To Register?

Have you found the right program for you?

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Yes? That’s great! Your can follow these next steps to register:

- Fill out and send the Registration Form*

- You will receive an invoice via email soon after the Registeration Form has been filled.

- Use the Bank details or Paypal link provided below to transfer the registeration sum as indicated for each program. 

- Send your confirmation of Payment to art.expression.workshops[at]gmail[dot]com

- You will receive a confirmation of booking as soon as your Payment has been received. Your registeration is completed only after the confirmation of payment has been received.

*For bookings or requests related to private sessions, comissions, seminars and coaching, please send me an email.

Cancelation Policy:

Cancelation is not possible in the middle of the phase.

Cancelation notice before registration deadline: 100% amount back.
Cancelation notice 48 h before: 50% amount back
Cancelation notice 24 h before: 25% amount back
Same-day Cancelations are not possible.

Impportant note: Cancelation for Life-Drawing Club and other Short-Term Events is not possible after registration.