'Art' is a shortcut to 'Self'

Art-Expression is a visual & intellectual adventure to learn, practice and use visual arts in favor of exploring and expressing self, developing communication skills as well as processing and exchanging context.

Not just any painting course!

Here we have revised the conventional order of most painting classes: Even though you will be learning about the techniques and theories of painting, we do not start with them. Instead, we begin with retrieving the desire and the joy of using art as a reflective medium.

Our participants are encouraged and empowered to link thoughts and emotions with visual expression and not to be afraid to share them.

© Aida Eyvazzadeh |  Mirror of Creation Workshops Berlin

If you find the core,
you will learn the way!

After finding one's organic relationship to the medium of painting, learning techniques and improving skills become easier and more fun.

Art-Expression is an invitation to step over the barriers and limitations of verbal communication and expand the possibilities of expression with the unique qualities of using and creating images.

© Anna Mato |  Mirror of Creation Workshops Berlin

'Good Art' or 'Bad Art'?
let's erase that thought!

Breaking free from judgments of others and oneself is the key to retrieving our bonds with the medium of art.

Art-Expression programs offer a safe sphere in which the complexities related to social, class, gender, personal barriers and beyond can be addressed, processed and discussed. The art practice remains the heart of this process and its fundamental tool.

By offering a set of mind-triggering tasks, the participants will use simple and easy-to-achieve visual arts techniques to materialise their thoughts.