Techniques & Knowledge of Painting


Application Starts: 20.12.2022
Application Deadline: 07.01.2023
Program Starts: January 2023
Duration: One Year+
Tuesdays 18:00 -21:00 IRL Courses
Thursdays 17:00 -20:00 Online Courses


A complimentary program designed for learning different techniques and general knowledge of visual elements in painting.

Time Plan:

Ongoing Program (Accepts New Participants Twice per Year, Usually in January and June)

3xMonths per Phase | 2xSessions per Month | 3xHours per session
(18 hours per phase)


Participants can enrol per phase.
Cancelation is not possible in the middle of the phase.
Admission Fee per Phase is 250,0-€

The maximum number of participants* in the online program is 8.
The maximum number of participants in the IRL program is 5.

Registration will close as soon as the maximum number of participants is reached. So early enrolments are encouraged.

* Booking Private Classes (IRL/Online) is possible.

For more questions, please contact art.expression.workshops[at]gmail[dot]com

Cancelation Policies:

Cancelation is not possible in the middle of the phase.

Cancelation notice before registration deadline: 100% amount back.
Cancelation notice 48 h before: 50% amount back
Cancelation notice 24 h before: 25% amount back
Same-day Cancelations are not possible.

Impportant note: Cancelation for Life-Drawing Club and other Short-Term Events is not possible after registration.


IRL Workshops:

︎ Thulestrasse 38,
13189, Berlin

︎ +49 (30) 339 532 63
︎ art.expression.workshops[at]gmail[com]

Online Workshops:

︎ Via Zoom Meetings