Call Opens: Janury 2023


Art-Expression Studios has designed a special program for Mothers and Daughters

The event consists of two sessions dedicated to connectivity, creativity and healing through two interactive and creative exercises.

The workshop happens in a group-set up and consists of the following outline:


  • Introduction and warm-up exercise
  • Brief explanation of material usage and the outline of the theme of the day and what dialogical painting is
  • Painting and creating in tandems
  • Discussion and analysation of the works within the group

Each group consists of a maximum of six tandems to keep the intimate and interactive nature of the sessions.

The workshops are offered in English.


No prior knowledge of painting is required.
In art-Expression Workshops, we use painting as a medium for connectivity, self-reflection and communication.
The process matters and not the result.

To daughters of which age groups is the program available?

There are three packages available:
  • For mothers and adults  (Age group 18 and above)
  • For mothers and adolescents (Age group 12-18)
  • For mothers and children (Age group 7-12)


Call for Registration Opens in January 2023
All information including dates and location will be announced in Janury.

Registration fee for this event will be 60€ per participant. Materials will be provided.